Devlog #26

Posted on Tue 22 March 2022 in Devlog

I maintain several CentOS servers on Linode and try to keep them as up-to-date as possible. This morning I went to update one of them but the command failed because it couldn't find a package.

[MIRROR] NetworkManager-1.37.2-1.el8.x86_64.rpm: Status code: 404 for http://mirrors.linode …

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Devlog #25

Posted on Mon 17 January 2022 in Devlog

I'm a long time user of Pi-hole and Nest WiFi. If you use these products too you probably know that you need to use Pi-hole as your DHCP server to break out the list of clients. Last week, I did exactly this because I wanted to know more about the …

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Devlog #24

Posted on Sat 27 February 2021 in Devlog

I recently moved this site to a new Linode server running CentOS 8 Stream. Instead of using Apache this time I figured I would use nginx as it seems far easier to configure and I am always interested in trying and learning new things.

It didn't work exactly as I …

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Devlog #23

Posted on Mon 01 February 2021 in Devlog

I've been working with Facebook horizon for the past week or so. I just wanted to take a moment to talk about some frustrations and share some tips.

Improvements I'd like to see:

  • Events are difficult to work with. The current approach is not sufficient. Events are sometimes missing which …

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Devlog #22

Posted on Tue 26 January 2021 in Devlog

I finally got my Facebook Horizon beta invite! When I entered the world, I was greeted by a person who welcomed me and helped me change some of the configuration options. For instance, I don't like the "teleporting" method of movement. After wandering around and trying out a few worlds …

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Devlog #21

Posted on Mon 11 January 2021 in Devlog

Wow! I have no idea how my site's CSS issue snuck by me for so long! My site re-directs to "" but my Pelican configuration was set to "". It was a minor, but very critical, difference. Because of this difference, CSS and fonts were not loaded …

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Devlog #20

Posted on Sun 10 January 2021 in Devlog

Over the past week or so I have been looking into alternate static-site-generators. Specifically, Hugo. It does have quite a steep learning curve and I thought about giving up several times. This morning, I finally finished converting Synaptik over from WordPress to a Hugo generated site. It's ugly as sin …

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Devlog #19

Posted on Thu 20 August 2020 in Devlog

Pantrific is coming along. My primary focus has been on site navigation over the past few weeks. I decided to embrace Material design and things are looking decent. The navigation aspect is a bit confusing though. The plan is to have a navigation drawer for major feature areas and then …

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Devlog #18

Posted on Sat 08 August 2020 in Devlog

I started working on Pantrific again a couple of weeks ago with Dwayne. The original codebase was written using AngularJS for the front-end and Java with JEE for the back-end. The new codebase is being written with Angular for the front-end and NodeJS / Express / Mongo / TypeScript for the back-end. The …

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Devlog #17

Posted on Fri 29 May 2020 in Devlog

Code Along Blog

Dwayne and I got together on Monday night to talk about the future of Code Along Blog. We both decided it was time to call it quits.

We've been at it for roughly 6 months with barely 1 viewer per stream. Even the videos on YouTube barely …

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