About Me

I was born in Phoenix at the end of 1979 and moved to Chicago when I was eight. All of my life I have been interested in computers. When I was just a kid I would spend hours in front of our Commodore 64 typing in programs from magazines like Compute! Gazette or Ahoy! just to see what they would do. Eventually, I started to write my own programs, but they weren't complex until I was about 13 or 14. At this age I wrote my first real program, "SFQue". It helped sysops of Spitfire BBSes generate their own questionnaires. Around this time I spent countless hours writing other programs, games, and "hacking" games and programs to give me more gold or cash using a hex editor called hiew.

Soon after graduating high school I started working for a company called Follett. At first I spent time in data entry helping to digitize the card catalogs of libraries across the country. After about six months I was hired as a software developer and, more or less, I've been there since.

In 2002, I travelled England, Scotland, and Paris with my brother. While in Scotland, we reserved a spot on the Macbackpacker tour bus which is where I met my future wife. It wasn't until 2008 that we married. In 2009 we welcomed our first child into the world and in 2012, our second arrived.

Since then I've spent most of my time raising my family, playing video and board games, writing android apps, and blogging from time to time.