Life Updates

Posted on Thu 24 June 2021 in Random

After having spent roughly 20 years of my life at Follett, I finally threw in the towel last month. I won't go into too much detail as to why I chose to leave, but I will say that I didn't agree with the direction leadership is taking the company. My new role is doing contract work for a very large Fortune 500 company. It's very different than what I was used to before, but it was definitely the right step for me.

Apart from that, I've slowly been getting back into my side projects again. I discovered Disqus requires users create an account in order to post a comment. This would explain the complete drop off of comments for Synaptik Labs. As a result of that discovery, I've reverted back to using WordPress. It is much slower, but that's something I know can be fixed. I just need to figure out where the issue is.

Other things I'm doing are working on a new post and video for Synaptik Labs. I'm also looking into moving some of my other websites off of Linode and over to AWS or Azure. I don't know if that will end up happening or not. It depends on pricing which isn't exactly clear with cloud hosting providers.