Devlog #1

Posted on Fri 07 February 2020 in Devlog

  • Date Range Picker - I grabbed this task at work last week and finally wrapped it up this week. Prior to this, our picker was modal-based and very small compared to the rest of the screen so it looked a bit empty. The new picker, in my opinion, looks very nice, makes sense for the screen, and will be easier for our customers to use. It looks similar to the Google Flights date range picker with some minor differences. Most of my time was spent trying to figure out how to get touch events working on mobile so it felt natural. I eventually settled on using SwiperJS to manage it. I also spent a chunk of time making sure things looked right on various mobile devices.

Google Flights Date Range Picker

Google Flights Date Range Picker

  • Code Along Blog - Dwayne and I streamed again Monday night and finished implementing a time selector component for moment.js objects. The UI still needs a bit of work, but it's functional. We're looking to supplement our streaming with some good old-fashioned tutorial videos on YouTube. We tried to create our first one Tuesday night but encountered some technical difficulties. We'll revisit it soon and hopefully have something we can turn into a small video.

  • Nopinions - I noticed someone I know make this chrome extension on his GitHub account recently, but it only worked for I liked the idea but wanted to expand it to other sites, so I took a few minutes and made it work for and